NACEST | Student Statistics
1 OFLAPS3399 ALI, O Accountancy ND1 Civilian F
2 OFLAsP3399 ALI, O Accountancy ND1 Civilian F
3 20928468GF FRANCIS, John Accountancy ND1 Civilian Male
4 OFLAPS3897 OLABODE, Olumide Accountancy ND1 Male
5 802081 RICHARD, Chidiebube Accountancy ND1 Male
6 OFLAPS3818 SAATYO, Terdoo Accountancy ND1 Civilian Male
7 OFLAPS3875 SALAUDEEN, Rukayat Accountancy ND1 Female
8 800954 ACKA, Tauershima Architecture ND1 Civilian M
9 OFLAP3988 ACKA, Tauershima Architecture ND1 M
10 OFLAPS3813 DOOIOR, Lawrence Architecture ND1 Male
11 OFLAPS3881 IVOR, OCHE Architecture ND1 Civilian Male
12 802114 ONYEJIAKO, Chisom Architecture ND1 Male
13 OFLAPS3815 UKIR, John Architecture ND1 Male
14 802234 MASA'UD, Hassan Banking and Finance ND1 M
15 OFLAPS3609 OKWARAOHA, T. Banking and Finance HND1 Male
16 OFLAsP3582 OMEJE, E Banking and Finance ND1 M
17 OFLAPS3859 ADAMA, John Business Management ND1 Male
18 OFLAPS3662 ADEHI, SAMSON Business Management PREHND M
19 OFLAPS3809 ADIKPE, Ojoma Business Management ND1 Female
20 OFLAPS3889 AJOKU, Goodluk Business Management ND1 Female
21 OFLAP3878 ALHASSAN, Abubakar Business Management ND1 M
22 OFLAPS3507 ANDREW, Abba Business Management HND1 Military Male
23 OFLAPS7987 AROKE, James Business Management PREHND Male
24 OFLAPS3858 ASOM, Sughnen Business Management HND1 Male
25 OFLAPS3883 ATTAH, C. Business Management ND1 Female
26 OFLAPS3999 BAJE, Innakaino Business Management ND1 Male
27 OFLAPS3896 CHIGBU, ONYEKACHI Business Management ND1 Military Female
28 801810 EUODIA, Demson Business Management ND1 Male
29 OFLAPS3882 ITODO, Simon Business Management HND1 Male
30 OFLAPS3197 MAIRUMBU, Peter Business Management HND1 Male
31 A801996 MUSTAPHA, Abdulkadir Business Management HND1 M
32 OFLAPS3725 OGBONNA, Kenney Business Management PREHND Male
33 OFLAPS3825 OLASEBI, Promise Business Management ND1 Male
34 OFLAPS3860 OTEH, Ifeanyi Business Management ND1 Male
35 OFLAPS3812 UKPAI, Chinasa Business Management ND1 Female
36 OFLAPS3873 ADEFUWA, John Building Technology HND1 Male
37 OFLAP25313 AJEBE, Kator Building Technology ND1 Civilian M
38 OFLAPS3573 ALI, Okoh Building Technology ND1 Male
39 801857 AZIGERE, Tamaraebi Building Technology ND1 Male
40 OFLAPS3467 IBRAHIM, Charles Building Technology HND1 Male
41 OFLAPS3856 NWANKWO, Emmanuel Building Technology PRHND Male
42 OFLAPS3879 OTEH, Gabriel Building Technology ND1 Civilian Male
43 OFLAPS3661 OZIOKO, Samuel Building Technology HND1 Male
44 OFLAPS3803 AKOUGH, Nduran Civil Engineering ND1 Civilian Male
45 OFLAP3898 MAIKYO, A Civil Engineering ND1 M
46 OFLAPS3852 TEG-TEGH, Tarbee Civil Engineering ND1 Male
47 OFLAPS3299 ADEBAYO, Okikiola Computer Engineering Technology ND1 Male
48 OFLAPS3888 NWASIKE, Peter Computer Engineering Technology ND1 Male
49 OFLAPS3672 ALI, Joshua Computer Science ND1 Male
50 OFLAPS2619 ALIYU, Jibrin Computer Science HND1 Military Male
51 OFLAPS3884 BAIYE, Adeiza Computer Science ND1 Male
52 801649 DANJUMA, Ruth Computer Science ND2 Military Female
53 OFLAPS3971 DAUDA, Kumbut Computer Science HND1 Military Male
54 OFLAPS3551 DAUDA, .m. Computer Science ND1 Male
55 OFLAPS3773 FRIDAY, Bright Computer Science ND1 Male
56 OFLAPS3893 IRABOR, Wesley Computer Science HND1 Military Male
57 OFLAPS3998 ISIYA, Umar Computer Science ND1 Male
58 OFLAPS3969 JAMES, Emmanuel Computer Science ND1 Male
59 OFLAPS3578 LAWAL, Abdulkadir Computer Science HND1 Male
60 801241 MICHEAL, Raymond Computer Science ND1 Male
61 OFLAPS3463 MOHAMMED, Salisu Computer Science HND1 Male
62 OFLAPS3680 OKURE, Stephanie Computer Science HND1 Military Female
63 21321690HF OLANIYI, Ayomide Computer Science ND1 Male
64 OFLAPS3819 OTSEME, Otsai Computer Science HND1 Civilian Male
65 801809 PETER, Polycarp Computer Science ND2 Civilian Male
66 OFLAPS2589 SAIDU, Bashir Computer Science HND1 Military Male
67 OFLAPS3676 SIMAN, Samuel Computer Science HND1 Military Male
68 OFLAPS3566 SUNDAY, Emmanuel Computer Science ND1 Male
69 802082 TIMNAN, Gonji Computer Science ND1 Male
70 OFLAPS3890 USMAN, Yau Computer Science HND1 Male
71 OFLAPS3886 ERVIHI, Manasseh Electrical and Electronics ND1 Male
72 802080 OKEKE, Kelechi Electrical and Electronics ND1 Civilian Male
73 OFLAPS3821 SAATYO, EZEKIEL Electrical and Electronics ND1 Civilian Male
74 800900 ABUBAKAR, Lawal Estate Management ND1 M
75 OFLAPS3820 AUDU, Ojochogwu Estate Management HND1 Civilian Male
76 802048 BENJAMIN, Ichuan Estate Management ND1 Male
77 OFLAPS3561 IBITOYE, Victor Estate Management PREHND Male
78 OFLAP3807 IBU, O Estate Management ND1 M
79 OFLAPS3824 KALU, Timothy Estate Management ND1 Male
80 OFLAPS3855 KUULAH, Jennifer Estate Management ND2 Civilian Female
81 OFLAPS3863 OGBAJI, Oche Estate Management ND1 Civilian Male
82 OFLAP3452 OGBONNA, E Estate Management ND1 M
83 OFLAPS3987 OLADOSU, Valentina Estate Management ND1 Male
84 OFLAPS3822 HANSON, Richard Industrial Safety & Environmental Engr. ND1 Male
85 OFLAP3991 EBENEZER, Philip Mass Communication ND1 M
86 OFLAPS3823 TERKAA, Esther Mass Communication ND1 Civilian Female
87 OFLAP2793A ACHEDE, Okopi Mechanical Engineering ND1 M
88 801835 CHUKWUNONSO, Ikeaku Mechanical Engineering ND1 M
89 OFLAPS3864 HWANGE, Success Mechanical Engineering ND1 Male
90 OFLAP3887 IDABA, A Mechanical Engineering ND1 M
94 OFLAPS3804 ABRAHAM-SHAA, Samuel Public Administration ND1 Male
95 801108 AKINPELU, AJIBOLA Public Administration ND1 Male
96 OFLAPS3944 BAWA, Victor Public Administration ND1 Male
97 802047 CHRISTOPHER, O. Public Administration ND1 Female
98 OFLAPS3612 DANJUMA, Jummai Public Administration ND1 Military Female
99 802113 ELIZABETH, Akharameh Public Administration ND1 F
100 800808 KASIM, Tijjani Public Administration ND1 Civilian M
101 21293533HA KOLAWOLE, Jayeola Public Administration ND1 Military Male
102 811552 MAWUMI, Zerah Public Administration ND1 Civilian F
103 OFLAPS3877 NWASIKE, Adaeze Public Administration ND1 Civilian Female
104 OFLAPS89007 OKORO, Innenna Public Administration ND1 Female
105 OFLAP3357 OMEMU, P Public Administration ND1 F
106 OFLAPS3313 YAKUBU, Seraju Public Administration ND1 Civilian Male
107 OFLAPS3810 ONU, Godspower Quantity Surveying HND1 Civilian Male
108 OFLAP3895 ALHASSAN, I Science Lab. Tech ND1 M
109 OFLAPS3306 IORHENA, Philip Science Lab. Tech ND1 Male
110 OFLAPS3360 IORLIAM, Mlumum Science Lab. Tech ND1 Female
111 OFLAPS3885 KALAMA, Usman Science Lab. Tech ND1 Male
112 OFLAPS3874 KASADA, Sardauna Science Lab. Tech ND1 Female
113 OFLAPS7800 JOSHUA, Josiah Statistics ND1 Male
114 OFLAPS3905 TYOWUA, Innocent Survey and Geo-informatics ND1 Male
115 OFLAPS3876 AGBA, Lee Urban and Regional Planning HND1 Male
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