NACEST | Student Statistics
1 9001212 FIJUYIGBE, EMMANNUEL HND1 Civilian Male YES
2 9001614 OGBAAGO, MARTHA HND1 Military Female YES
3 9001815 BLESSING, Onoja HND1 Civilian Female YES
4 OFLAPP0301 DENEN, Moses HND1 Civilian Female NO
5 OFLAPP0483 ADETUTU, ONI HND1 Civilian Male YES
6 OFLAPP0560 OWEN, Iduk HND1 Military Male YES
7 OFLAPP0654 EMMANUEL, Gambo HND1 Military Male YES
8 OFLAPP0656 MUSA, Musa HND1 Military Male YES
9 OFLAPP0662 YOHANNA, Audi HND1 Military Male YES
10 OFLAPP1124 MARAM, Peace HND1 Civilian Male YES
11 OFLAPP1185 KOLAWOLE, Abiodun HND1 Military Female YES
12 OFLAPP1312 UDOFOT, Nicholas HND1 Military Male YES
13 OFLAPP00656 OGBA, Oluchukwu HND1 Civilian Female YES
14 OFLAPP00664 TIJANI, Usman HND1 Military Male YES
15 OFLAPP00690 OKON, Maxwell HND1 Civilian Female YES
16 OFLAPP00700 AYAN, Asinya HND1 Civilian Male YES
17 OFLAPP00985 ONYENALI, Austine HND1 Civilian Male NO
18 OFLAPPF1228 CHINEMERE, Godson HND1 Military Male NO
19 OFLAPPF1720 OJONG, Mfong HND1 Civilian Female YES
20 OFLAPPTB242 MICHAEL, Olajide HND1 Civilian Male YES
21 OFLAPPTB660 NWACHI, Ikechukwu HND1 Military Male YES
22 OFLAPPTB665 MICHAEL, Adams HND1 Military Male YES
23 OFLAPPTB851 DANLAMI, Dinatu HND1 Civilian Female YES
24 OFLAPP001119 HARUNA, Usman HND1 Military Male YES
25 OFLAPPTB1339 AL-AMIN, Am HND1 Military Male YES
26 OFLAPPTB1614 ARUNGWA, Precious HND1 Military Female YES
27 9000181 DAVID, Wodi ND1 Military Male NO
28 9000367 ATTAHIRU, Abdullahi ND1 Military Male YES
29 9000467 CHIMA, Nwogu ND1 Military Male NO
30 9000514 BOLUWATIFE, Aboderin ND1 Civilian Male YES
31 9000902 AMAKA, Grace ND1 Civilian Female NO
32 9000939 TEIREI, Joyce ND1 Civilian Female YES
33 9001240 WAAKAA, Dooter ND1 Military Male NO
34 9001557 MOSES, Adikwu ND1 Civilian Male YES
35 9001645 ANGELA, Oko ND1 Civilian Female YES
36 9001650 ROTIMI, Anjorin ND1 Civilian Male YES
37 9001674 HABIBU, Aliyu ND1 Military Male YES
38 9001712 MOJISOLA, Ayoko ND1 Civilian Female YES
39 9001715 DANIEL, Agunbiade ND1 Civilian Male YES
40 9001765 NAJA'ATU, Lawal ND1 Civilian Female YES
41 OFLAPP0021 OEDGWO, Nwando ND1 Civilian Female NO
42 OFLAPP0023 ADAMU, Emmanuel ND1 Civilian Male YES
43 OFLAPP0036 IGBENOREMEN, Goodnews ND1 Civilian Male YES
44 OFLAPP0055 IORKEGH, Selumun ND1 Civilian Male YES
45 OFLAPP0072 MCHIANAN, Avalumun ND1 Civilian Male YES
46 OFLAPP0096 TERWASE, Terese ND1 Civilian Male YES
47 OFLAPP0116 AMINU, Wasila ND1 Civilian Female YES
48 OFLAPP0133 PASCAL, Vivian ND1 Civilian Female YES
49 OFLAPP0176 ONUH, Elaigwu ND1 Civilian Male YES
50 OFLAPP0185 AJAH, Ochi ND1 Civilian Female YES
51 OFLAPP0296 UMARU, Muhmmed ND1 Civilian Male YES
52 OFLAPP0314 AHMED, Isreal ND1 Civilian Male NO
53 OFLAPP0327 AGERA, Aondoakura ND1 Civilian Male NO
54 OFLAPP0380 ABOK, Afan ND1 Military Male YES
55 OFLAPP0427 ARIBANI, Gloria ND1 Civilian Female YES
56 OFLAPP0437 KWEN, Augustine ND1 Civilian Male NO
57 OFLAPP0452 JOHN, Ebei ND1 Civilian Female YES
58 OFLAPP0472 TARBEE, Terzungwe ND1 Civilian Male YES
59 OFLAPP0499 SULYMAN, Omowumi ND1 Civilian Female YES
60 OFLAPP0501 UYAELUMO, Ifunnanya ND1 Military Female YES
61 OFLAPP0556 ISAAC, Ogede ND1 Military Female YES
62 OFLAPP0693 SULEIMAN, ALFA ND1 Military Male YES
63 OFLAPP0733 THOMAS, Godfrey ND1 Civilian Male NO
64 OFLAPP0763 SABO, Musa ND1 Civilian Female YES
65 OFLAPP0766 UGWU, Ogochukwu ND1 Civilian Female YES
66 OFLAPP0823 AKURA, Sarah ND1 Civilian Female YES
67 OFLAPP0838 MAKOLO, SAMUEL ND1 Civilian Male YES
68 OFLAPP0841 YANGEUN, Victor ND1 Civilian Male NO
69 OFLAPP0859 BABAJI, Suleiman ND1 Military Male YES
70 OFLAPP0863 JIRGBA, Phostinus ND1 Civilian Male YES
71 OFLAPP1052 ABDULAZEEZ, Abdulrasheed ND1 Civilian Male YES
72 OFLAPP1098 TYOKASE, Alexander ND1 Civilian Male YES
73 OFLAPP1137 CHRISTIAN, Chizaram ND1 Civilian Female YES
74 OFLAPP1159 OCHOHEPO, Ene ND1 Civilian Female YES
75 OFLAPP1305 ABDULLAHI, Adam ND1 Civilian Male YES
76 OFLAPP1339 ABUBAKAR, Awwal ND1 Civilian Female NO
77 OFLAPP1393 IORWUESE, Innocent ND1 Civilian Male YES
78 OFLAPP1413 ABUBU, Arop ND1 Civilian Male YES
79 OFLAPP00100 INALEGWWU, Olohi ND1 Civilian Female YES
80 OFLAPP00161 BESONG, Awhobiwoam ND1 Civilian Female YES
81 OFLAPP00162 JULIANA, Andounimye ND1 Civilian Female YES
82 OFLAPP00480 EDWARD, Sylvester ND1 Military Male YES
83 OFLAPP00568 AGADA, Blessng ND1 Military Female YES
84 OFLAPP00594 GREMA, Bishara ND1 Military Male NO
85 OFLAPP00674 IGBAYIMA, Abanengen ND1 Civilian Female NO
86 OFLAPP00680 OCHENI, Ogli ND1 Civilian Male YES
87 OFLAPP00922 YUSUF, Usman ND1 Military Male NO
88 OFLAPP00971 TEMA, Doowueseter ND1 Civilian Female YES
90 OFLAPPF0398 EZE, H ND1 Civilian Male NO
91 OFLAPPF1277 AKINDIPE, Babatunde ND1 Civilian Male YES
92 OFLAPPF1278 UTER, Shiaondo ND1 Civilian Male YES
93 OFLAPPF1281 CHOSEN, Chiamaka ND1 Military Female NO
94 OFLAPPF1610 BAKO, Kwaghpenda ND1 Civilian Male YES
95 OFLAPPF1812 ADABA, Amos ND1 Civilian Male YES
96 OFLAPPF1818 UKIM, Eunice ND1 Civilian Female YES
97 OFLAPPF1838 JAMES, Emmanuel ND1 Civilian Male NO
98 OFLAPPF1841 AKASE, Kelvin ND1 Civilian Male YES
100 OFLAPPF1915 ABBAS, Aliyu ND1 Civilian Male NO
101 OFLAPPTB619 JOHN, Esther ND1 Civilian Female NO
102 OFLAPP001362 JAMES, Grace ND1 Civilian Female YES
103 OFLAPP001373 LIAMNGEE, Joseph ND1 Civilian Male NO
104 OFLAPP001388 HASSAN, Aliyu ND1 Civilian Male NO
105 OFLAPP001427 OKOKON, Janet ND1 Civilian Female YES
106 OFLAPP001428 KORKYAA, Doris ND1 Civilian Female YES
107 OFLAPP001451 OLOCHE, Joy ND1 Civilian Female YES
108 OFLAPP001614 ADEDOSU, Ahmed ND1 Civilian Male NO
109 OFLAPP001637 OKODEJE, Joseph ND1 Civilian Male YES
110 OFLAPP001642 KORNAN, Dooter ND1 Civilian Female NO
111 OFLAPP001655 PAWA, Ngohide ND1 Civilian Female NO
112 OFLAPP001706 NATHANIEL, Chioma ND1 Civilian Female YES
113 OFLAPP001720 ABOGONYE, Ene ND1 Civilian Female YES
114 OFLAPP001776 MUHAMMAD, Murtala ND1 Military Male NO
115 OFLAPPF00690 OKAFOR, Ruth ND1 Civilian Female NO
116 OFLAPPFB1490 GADEMA, Gabriel ND1 Civilian Female YES
117 OFLAPPFB1855 ALIYU, Maryam ND1 Civilian Female YES
118 OFLAPPFB1866 TIZA, Saondo ND1 Civilian Male YES
119 OFLAPPFB1870 UGBA, Godwin ND1 Civilian Male YES
120 OFLAPPFB1875 UKPONG, Friday ND1 Civilian Female YES
121 OFLAPPTB1368 BULUS, Abga ND1 Civilian Male YES
122 OFLAPPTB1461 AKWUMA, Isaiah ND1 Civilian Male YES
123 OFLAPPTB1470 IORVAA, Nguemo ND1 Civilian Female NO
124 OFLAPPTB1546 GOWON, Blessing ND1 Civilian Female YES
125 OFLAPPTB1727 SHAIBU, Fatima ND1 Civilian Female YES
126 OFLAPPTB1751 HUSSAINI, IDRIS ND1 Civilian Female YES
127 OFLAPPTB1784 ATOBA, Augustine ND1 Civilian Male YES
128 OFLAPPFB9001937 OLOYE, Grace ND1 Civilian Female YES
129 OFLAPP00345 AZONJEGBE, Okanlawon ND2 Civilian Male YES
130 OFLAPPF0400 EFFIONG, Esu PREHND Civilian Female NO
131 OFLAPPF1265 EMMANUEL, Daniel PREHND Civilian Male NO
132 OFLAPPTB522 ZACHARIA, Godwin PREHND Civilian Male YES
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