NACEST | Student Statistics
1 9001155 JOHN, Oshin HND1 Military Male YES
2 9001200 JOHN, Adamu HND1 Civilian Male NO
3 9001741 BADMUS, Muyideen HND1 Military Male YES
4 9001744 OYEDELE, Ayewale HND1 Military Male YES
5 OFLAPP0042 ENO, Benedict HND1 Military Male YES
6 OFLAPP0053 UGWU, Ifeanyi HND1 Military Male YES
7 OFLAPP0083 ANDREW, Williams HND1 Military Male YES
8 OFLAPP0085 CALEB, Kaplu HND1 Civilian Male YES
9 OFLAPP0104 IGWE, Jeremiah HND1 Civilian Male YES
10 OFLAPP0122 IHEDIKA, Onyegbule HND1 Military Male YES
12 OFLAPP0135 TOMMY, Udo HND1 Military Male YES
13 OFLAPP0149 AKOLO, Angazi HND1 Military Male YES
14 OFLAPP0174 SOLOMON, Eteng HND1 Military Male YES
15 OFLAPP0251 AUDU, Omechoda HND1 Military Male YES
16 OFLAPP0252 ZACHARIAH, Lydia HND1 Civilian Male NO
17 OFLAPP0254 ADESIYAN, Adeyinka HND1 Military Male NO
18 OFLAPP0257 AGBO, Chidera HND1 Military Male YES
19 OFLAPP0258 BENARD, Moses HND1 Military Male YES
20 OFLAPP0259 MOHMMED, Shaibu HND1 Civilian Male YES
21 OFLAPP0263 HAMMAH, Sekinat HND1 Civilian Male YES
22 OFLAPP0264 APE, Olayinka HND1 Military Male YES
23 OFLAPP0265 OGBU, Christopher HND1 Military Male YES
24 OFLAPP0267 BADRU, Musedik HND1 Military Male YES
25 OFLAPP0270 AYUBA, Eunice HND1 Military Male YES
26 OFLAPP0278 OHAMS, C HND1 Civilian Male YES
27 OFLAPP0294 OCHADE, Obiajulu HND1 Civilian Male NO
28 OFLAPP0299 OPARA, Ekpere HND1 Military Male YES
29 OFLAPP0300 VER, Orkar HND1 Civilian Female YES
30 OFLAPP0311 ISAH, Bishir HND1 Military Male YES
31 OFLAPP0316 JACOB, Etim HND1 Military Male YES
32 OFLAPP0317 NWORIE, Kelechi HND1 Military Male YES
33 OFLAPP0318 DARAMOLA, Adeola HND1 Military Male YES
34 OFLAPP0399 JIMOH, Imafidon HND1 Civilian Male YES
35 OFLAPP0419 MOHAMMED, Alkamu HND1 Military Male NO
36 OFLAPP0432 PHILIP, Ezekiel HND1 Civilian Male YES
37 OFLAPP0572 EKORM, Peter HND1 Military Male YES
38 OFLAPP0651 NWEKE, Esther HND1 Military Male YES
39 OFLAPP0777 TSAVNANDE, Mlunan HND1 Military Male YES
40 OFLAPP0891 SUNDAY, Akintayo HND1 Civilian Male YES
41 OFLAPP0908 UCHENDU, Ifeoma HND1 Military Male YES
42 OFLAPP0921 FAYEMI, Odunayo HND1 Civilian Male YES
43 OFLAPP1045 JOSEPH, Bulus HND1 Civilian Male NO
44 OFLAPP1071 UKEJE, Frank HND1 Civilian Male YES
45 OFLAPP1126 IBRAHIM, Yakubu HND1 Civilian Male NO
46 OFLAPP1131 OGECHI, Nancy HND1 Civilian Male NO
47 OFLAPP1179 ZACCHAEUS, Madidi HND1 Civilian Male YES
48 OFLAPP1301 MUSTAPHA, Husseini HND1 Civilian Male YES
49 OFLAPP00297 NWOVU, Nwedeogu HND1 Civilian Male NO
50 OFLAPP00339 NWANKWO, Beneth HND1 Civilian Male NO
51 OFLAPP00779 ETA, Ebuta HND1 Civilian Male NO
52 OFLAPP00935 NWALA, MARTINS HND1 Military Male YES
53 OFLAPP00936 MUSA, Ya'u HND1 Civilian Male YES
54 OFLAPP00939 ISAAC, Oluwa HND1 Civilian Male NO
55 OFLAPP00944 DARAMOLA, O. HND1 Civilian Male NO
56 OFLAPP00945 MUHAMMED, Arikya HND1 Civilian Male YES
57 OFLAPP00946 OLATONA, Oladapo HND1 Military Male YES
59 OFLAPP00950 CHIMAOBI, Nwachukwu HND1 Military Male YES
60 OFLAPP00966 AKEJU, Johnson HND1 Civilian Male YES
61 OFLAPP10450 OZOLUNWA, Chidubem HND1 Military M YES
62 OFLAPPF0339 NWANKWO, Beneth HND1 Civilian Male NO
63 OFLAPPF0541 RICHARD, Akachi HND1 Civilian Male NO
64 OFLAPPF0544 NSE, Udoudo HND1 Civilian Male YES
65 OFLAPPF1206 RABIU, Baba HND1 Civilian Female YES
66 OFLAPPF1253 AKPOARI, Maaba HND1 Civilian Male YES
67 OFLAPPF1254 EKWUELI, Ojodeh HND1 Civilian Male NO
68 OFLAPPF1816 MAGAJI, Muhammed HND1 Civilian Male YES
69 OFLAPPF1825 TYAV, Samuel HND1 Military Male YES
70 OFLAPPF1840 YUSUF, Naziru HND1 Civilian Male YES
71 OFLAPPFB542 OPII, Eche HND1 Civilian Male NO
72 OFLAPPTB540 KUULAH, Jennifer HND1 Civilian Female YES
73 OFLAPPTB977 BELLO, Alaba HND1 Military Female YES
74 OFLAPP001029 ANDE, Ayima HND1 Civilian Male YES
75 OFLAPP001165 RABIU, Muhammed HND1 Civilian Male YES
76 OFLAPP001183 PETER, Adrabrayu HND1 Civilian Male NO
77 OFLAPP001347 USMAN, Abubakar HND1 Military Male YES
78 OFLAPP001364 ADZUA, PRISCILLA HND1 Civilian Female YES
79 OFLAPP001370 ASHUA, Blessing HND1 Military Female YES
80 OFLAPP001379 MODOM, TERNA HND1 Military Male YES
81 OFLAPP001387 EKAM, Francis HND1 Civilian Male YES
82 OFLAPPFB1291 SHEHU, Safiyanu HND1 Civilian Male YES
83 OFLAPPFB1298 KOLAWOLE, Babatunde HND1 Military Male NO
84 OFLAPPFB1645 ASHIGWUIKE, Rapha HND1 Civilian Male YES
85 OFLAPPFB1885 ASADU, Hillary HND1 Civilian Male NO
86 OFLAPPFB1902 INUSA, Salisu HND1 Civilian Male YES
87 OFLAPPFB1925 ALEKU, Micheal HND1 Civilian Male YES
88 OFLAPPTB1207 BEBA, Aondona HND1 Civilian Male YES
90 OFLAPPTB1243 RAJI, Oyinlola HND1 Civilian Male YES
91 OFLAPPTB1254 EKWUELI, Ojodeh HND1 Military M YES
92 OFLAPPTB1437 RAHEEM, Sulaimon HND1 Civilian Male NO
93 OFLAPPTB1743 JOHN, Adamu HND1 Military Male NO
94 OFLAPPTB1754 ALEXANDER, Samuel HND1 Civilian Male NO
95 9000225 AKINSOLA, Odunola ND1 Military Male YES
96 9000469 JAMILU, ABASS ND1 Military Male YES
97 9000625 ABUBARKAR, Awalu ND1 Military Male YES
98 9000688 ODETUNDE, Francis ND1 Military Female YES
99 9000768 URHIE, Emudiaga ND1 Civilian Male YES
100 9000862 CHUKWU, Goodluck ND1 Military Male YES
101 9001468 OBAFEMI, Adetayo ND1 Civilian Male NO
102 9001758 RWANG, Chollom ND1 Military Male YES
103 OFLAP3505 TADESE, Jamiu ND1 NO
104 11017527HC TYOAPINE, Bonaventure ND1 Military Male YES
105 OFLAPP0121 UJONG, Okoi ND1 Military Male YES
106 OFLAPP0130 MUJWAN, Haruna ND1 Military Male YES
107 OFLAPP0158 ANDREW, Mancha ND1 Civilian Male YES
108 OFLAPP0160 SAKA, Oluwatosin ND1 Military Female NO
109 OFLAPP0179 NIMLEY, Zwalfa ND1 Military Male YES
110 OFLAPP0181 JOY, Daniel ND1 Military Male NO
111 OFLAPP0201 ODEH, Godwin ND1 Military Male YES
112 OFLAPP0260 NICHOLAS, Eze ND1 Civilian Male YES
113 OFLAPP0262 UKA, Zachariah ND1 Military Male NO
114 OFLAPP0275 ILUORE, Daniel ND1 Civilian Female YES
115 OFLAPP0276 IBRAHIM, Usman ND1 Military Male YES
116 OFLAPP0279 JOHN, UKPOJU ND1 Military Male YES
117 OFLAPP0283 AMIEKHAMHE, Stanley ND1 Military Male YES
118 OFLAPP0407 IYOGUN, Becky ND1 Military Female YES
119 OFLAPP0421 OKOLO, Martina ND1 Military Male YES
120 OFLAPP0448 VICTOR, Nnade ND1 Military Male NO
121 OFLAPP0494 KOMBOYE, Patrick ND1 Military Female YES
122 OFLAPP0741 ESUKU, Sunday ND1 Military Male YES
123 OFLAPP0743 ABDULLAHI, Abubakar ND1 Civilian Male NO
124 OFLAPP0782 IBEH, Steven ND1 Military Male YES
125 OFLAPP0786 ENOCH, Abu ND1 Civilian Male NO
126 OFLAPP0793 EZEOFOR, Chijioke ND1 Military Female YES
127 OFLAPP0813 MAXWELL, Otodie ND1 Military Male YES
128 OFLAPP0820 DANIEL, Okechukwu ND1 Civilian Male YES
129 OFLAPP0830 ISAAC, Udofot ND1 Military Male YES
130 OFLAPP0839 ONABELLA, Samuel ND1 Military Female NO
131 OFLAPP0853 ILIYA, Rejoice ND1 Civilian Male YES
132 OFLAPP0861 ALHASSAN, Ibrahim ND1 Civilian Male NO
133 OFLAPP1075 WUA, Sekav ND1 Civilian Male NO
134 OFLAPP1088 JIBRIN, Musa ND1 Civilian Male YES
135 OFLAPP1123 OHA, Onyekachi ND1 Civilian Male YES
136 OFLAPP1129 BELLO, Samson ND1 Military Male YES
137 OFLAPP1149 TUGHTUGH, Joshua ND1 Military Male YES
138 OFLAPP1151 HAKIM, YAKUBU ND1 Civilian Male YES
139 OFLAPP1152 KAURA, Ibrahim ND1 Male YES
140 OFLAPP1177 BELLO, Husseini ND1 Civilian Male YES
141 OFLAPP1178 IBRAHIM, Muhammed ND1 Civilian Male NO
142 OFLAPP1382 RABIU, Abubakar ND1 Civilian Male YES
143 OFLAPP1383 OGUNDELE, Ibrahim ND1 Civilian Male YES
144 OFLAPP2896 OYEGWA, Philip ND1 M NO
145 OFLAPP3389 OYEIBENJI, Tunde ND1 Male NO
146 OFLAPP3622 AMINU, Suleiman ND1 Male NO
147 OFLAPP00099 EKE, Chukwujiekwu ND1 Civilian Male YES
149 OFLAPP00521 OLANIREGUN, Ayokunle ND1 Civilian Male YES
150 OFLAPP00523 AJAGUN, Blessing ND1 Civilian Female YES
151 OFLAPP00526 ALI, Moses ND1 Military Male NO
152 OFLAPP00783 FAVOUR, Ifeanyi ND1 Civilian Male YES
153 OFLAPP00788 SAMUEL, Nabath ND1 Military Male NO
154 OFLAPP00916 IGWE, Solomon ND1 Civilian Male YES
155 OFLAPP00920 AGBAFOR, Emeka ND1 Military Male NO
156 OFLAPP00925 ONWE, Ephraim ND1 Military Male YES
157 OFLAPP00937 OBINNA, Chiemena ND1 Civilian Male YES
158 OFLAPP00938 SHAMAKI, Emmanuel ND1 Civilian Male NO
159 OFLAPP00941 MUHAMMED, Shamsudeen ND1 Civilian Female YES
160 OFLAPP00943 RUFAI, Hussaini ND1 Military Male NO
161 OFLAPP00949 NJOKU, Michael ND1 Military Male YES
162 OFLAPP00958 MUHAMMED, Muhammed ND1 Civilian Male NO
163 OFLAPP00999 BABALOLA, Eziekel ND1 Civilian Male NO
164 OFLAPPF0407 OLAOYE, Gbadebo ND1 Civilian Female NO
165 OFLAPPF0545 ALASHI, Barnabas ND1 Civilian Male NO
166 OFLAPPF0548 EMMANUEL, Sunday ND1 Military Male YES
167 OFLAPPF1267 ABDULLAHI, Ismail ND1 Military Male YES
168 OFLAPPF1290 DABA, Nicodemuc ND1 Civilian Male YES
169 OFLAPPF1363 EROMOSELE, Philip ND1 Civilian Male YES
170 OFLAPPF1767 ODUMU, Godday ND1 Military Male YES
171 OFLAPPF1895 SAAIOR, Matthew ND1 Civilian Male YES
172 OFLAPPFB590 MAIRUWA, Harlyn ND1 Civilian Male YES
173 OFLAPPTB502 DANLAMI, Eromonse ND1 Military Male NO
174 OFLAPPTB524 ORUKARI, Victor ND1 Civilian Male NO
175 OFLAPPTB529 MUHAMMED, Turaki ND1 Civilian Male NO
176 OFLAPPTB530 AGASHUA, Fidelis ND1 Civilian Male YES
177 OFLAPP001086 EZEMDI, Ogbonna ND1 Military Male YES
178 OFLAPP001130 OFFO, Jonathan ND1 Civilian Male YES
179 OFLAPP001154 OYEWUMI, Kunle ND1 Military Male NO
180 OFLAPP001200 HABU, Adamu ND1 Military Male NO
181 OFLAPP001310 NWAFOR, Innocent ND1 Civilian Male NO
182 OFLAPP001344 NASIRU, Adeiza ND1 Civilian Male YES
183 OFLAPP001374 ADAMS, Job ND1 Civilian Male NO
184 OFLAPP001396 RAJI, Muhammed ND1 Civilian Male NO
185 OFLAPP001422 YAKUBU, Alhassan ND1 Military Male YES
186 OFLAPP001430 IYI, O ND1 Civilian Male NO
187 OFLAPP001436 AYERE, Ayegbeni ND1 Civilian Male NO
188 OFLAPP001623 JUBU, Nicodemus ND1 Civilian Male YES
189 OFLAPP001643 BEYIDO, Mairiga ND1 Military Male YES
190 OFLAPP001648 OYAJE, Elijah ND1 Civilian Male NO
191 OFLAPP001675 ABAH, Ladi ND1 Military Female YES
192 OFLAPP001689 FELIX, Sunday ND1 Military Male YES
193 OFLAPP001691 MUKHTAR, Abubakar ND1 Military Male NO
194 OFLAPP001696 ADAMU, Abubakar ND1 Military Male NO
195 OFLAPP001699 MUSA, Suleiman ND1 Civilian Male NO
196 OFLAPPF01624 JUBU, Nicodemus ND1 Civilian Male NO
197 OFLAPPFB1297 STEPHEN, Igwe ND1 Military Male YES
198 OFLAPPFB1483 ARHI, Daniel ND1 Civilian Male YES
199 OFLAPPFB1535 ABDULRAHMAN, Sharifudeen ND1 Civilian Male YES
200 OFLAPPFB1882 EZE, Chinonso ND1 Military Male YES
201 OFLAPPTB1000 AJIBO, Amuche ND1 Civilian Male NO
202 OFLAPPTB1242 MUHAMMED, Muhammed ND1 Civilian Male YES
203 OFLAPPTB1244 MBA, Ifeanyi ND1 Civilian Male NO
204 OFLAPPTB1245 OKIYOYO, Omolade ND1 Civilian Male YES
206 OFLAPPTB1300 MUSA, Patience ND1 Civilian Male NO
207 OFLAPPTB1454 USMAN, Ojonugwa ND1 Military Male YES
208 OFLAPPTB1456 ADAMU, Esther ND1 Military Female YES
209 OFLAPPTB1469 JAMES, Aniefiok ND1 Civilian Male NO
210 OFLAPPTB1480 SADIQ, Sani ND1 Civilian Male YES
211 OFLAPPTB1511 GODWIN, Martins ND1 Civilian Male NO
212 OFLAPPTB1721 UMOINYANG, Umoinyang ND1 Civilian Male NO
213 OFLAPPTB1741 AGHALU, Joseph ND1 Civilian Male NO
214 OFLAPP1086 NWANGUMA, Simon ND2 Military Male YES
215 OFLAPPF0250 PHILIP, Nehemiah ND2 Military Male YES
216 OFLAPPF0356 ADEDEJI, Abiodun ND2 Military Male YES
217 OFLAPPF0543 EBUTE, Adah ND2 Military Male YES
218 OFLAPPF1125 UMAR, Abubakar ND2 Military Male YES
219 OFLAPPFB1540 NZEH, Franca ND2 F YES
220 9001733 ZUHAIRU, Ahmad PREHND Civilian Male NO
222 OFLAPP00288 ODO, Onyeka PREHND Civilian Male NO
223 OFLAPPF0661 KUMBUL, Tersuwe PREHND Civilian Male NO
224 OFLAPPF1342 MICHEAL, Napoleon PREHND Military Male NO
225 OFLAPP001437 RAHEEM, Suleiman PREHND Civilian Male NO
226 OFLAPPTB1795 NWANGUMA, Simon PREHND Military Male NO
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