NACEST | Student Statistics
1 9000100 ELISHA, Sunday HND1 Civilian Male YES
2 9000121 YAYI, Abiodun HND1 Military Male YES
3 9000191 ONUH, JOHN HND1 Civilian Male YES
4 9000372 TIJANI, Mustapha HND1 Military Male NO
5 9000478 SANI, Shehu HND1 Civilian Male YES
6 9000605 GEORGE, John HND1 Military Male YES
7 9000664 IMOUDO, Precious HND1 Military Male NO
8 9000774 MUHAMMED, Murtala HND1 Military Male NO
9 9000832 JEJENIWA, Omotayo HND1 Military Male NO
10 9000833 LAWAL, Abubakar HND1 Military Male NO
11 9000834 EFFIONG, Edet HND1 Military Female YES
12 9001009 SANI, Mohammed HND1 Military Male NO
13 9001250 BAMIDELE, Te1oluwa HND1 Military Male NO
14 9001348 OLOYE, Ajoke HND1 Military Female YES
15 9001391 IBRAHIM, Usman HND1 Civilian Male YES
16 9001415 IGBETA, William HND1 Military Male YES
17 9001568 IWUJI, Enoch HND1 Civilian Male YES
18 9001570 NWACHUKWU, Idinma HND1 Civilian Male YES
19 9001574 JAMES, Ephraim HND1 Civilian Male NO
20 9001624 HABIBU, Abubakar HND1 Military Male YES
21 OFLAPP0035 ADAGBA, Abubakar HND1 Civilian Male YES
22 OFLAPP0069 USIBE, Mark HND1 Military Male YES
23 OFLAPP0074 OYI, Manus HND1 Civilian Male NO
24 OFLAPP0101 USMAN, Yau HND1 Military Male YES
25 OFLAPP0183 ELOM, Godfrey HND1 Military Male NO
26 OFLAPP0191 ONWURAH, Ikechukwu HND1 Military Male YES
27 OFLAPP0192 UMAR, Abdulmumn HND1 Military Male YES
28 OFLAPP0292 OLASEYI, Lucky HND1 Military Male YES
29 OFLAPP0410 SHUAIBU, Danladi HND1 Military Male YES
30 OFLAPP0471 NNAH, Okon HND1 Civilian Male YES
31 OFLAPP0475 DANIEL, Naomi HND1 Military Female YES
32 OFLAPP0509 SURAJO, Samaila HND1 Male NO
33 OFLAPP0570 RUKAIYA, Maikyau HND1 Civilian Female YES
34 OFLAPP0577 AKU, Anche HND1 Military Male YES
35 OFLAPP0587 KASALI, Kasimu HND1 Military Male YES
37 OFLAPP0790 EKE, ONYEKACHI HND1 Military Female YES
38 OFLAPP0791 ANYANWU, Chinelo HND1 Military Female YES
39 OFLAPP0842 ALHASSAN, Munkaila HND1 Military Male YES
40 OFLAPP0845 KUFRE, Eyo HND1 Civilian Male YES
41 OFLAPP0846 JAMES, Udo HND1 Civilian Male YES
42 OFLAPP0946 VICTOR, Onyema HND1 Military Male YES
43 OFLAPP0967 ALI, Bako HND1 Military Male YES
44 OFLAPP1002 BELLO, Shola HND1 Civilian Male YES
45 OFLAPP1033 ALIYU, Ibrahim HND1 Civilian Male NO
46 OFLAPP1037 ELISHA, Monicah HND1 Civilian Female YES
47 OFLAPP1056 IBHAZEH, Godwin HND1 Civilian Male NO
48 OFLAPP1120 ABBA, Mohammed HND1 Civilian Male NO
49 OFLAPP1405 ABAH, Ikwulono HND1 Civilian Male YES
50 OFLAPP00153 PETER, Ojo-ajogwu HND1 Military Male NO
51 OFLAPP00395 EGWUATU, Amarachukwu HND1 Military Male YES
52 OFLAPP00588 FIDEYON, Matthew HND1 Military Male YES
53 OFLAPP00923 OYENIRAN, Emmanuel HND1 Military Male YES
54 OFLAPP00967 OKECHUKWU, Christopher HND1 Civilian Male YES
55 OFLAPP00995 ABOKIRI, Kelechi HND1 Civilian Male NO
56 OFLAPPTB234 PATRICK, Ijupiil HND1 Military Male NO
57 OFLAPPTB235 SALMANU, Ismaila HND1 Military Male NO
58 OFLAPPTB391 JOB, KUMAI HND1 Military Male YES
59 OFLAPPTB509 SURAJO, Samaila HND1 Military Male NO
60 OFLAPPTB528 ULAYI, Bekambede HND1 Civilian Male NO
61 OFLAPPTB700 MOHAMMED, Lawal HND1 Military Male NO
62 OFLAPPTB795 OYEFARA, Dolapo HND1 Military Male NO
63 OFLAPP001012 MUSA, Inuwa HND1 Military Male NO
64 OFLAPP001073 OGBOBE, Okwudili HND1 Military Male YES
65 OFLAPP001114 ORINYA, John HND1 Military Male YES
66 OFLAPP001169 AONDO, Aondo HND1 Civilian Male YES
67 OFLAPP001191 NASIRU, Dahiru HND1 Military Male NO
68 OFLAPP001314 GARBA, Alhaji HND1 Military Male NO
69 OFLAPP001329 ROTIMI, Deborah HND1 Civilian Female NO
70 OFLAPP001457 KAYODE, Banjo HND1 Civilian Male YES
71 OFLAPP001458 ENOKELA, Omakiche HND1 Civilian Female NO
72 OFLAPP001647 TIAMIYU, Ibrahim HND1 Civilian Male NO
73 OFLAPP001660 BUBA, Chara HND1 Civilian Male NO
74 OFLAPP001676 OKON, Bassey HND1 Civilian Male NO
75 OFLAPP001694 BUHARI, Yusuf HND1 Military Male YES
76 OFLAPP001698 UMAR, Usman HND1 Civilian Male NO
77 OFLAPPTB1160 ADEBOWALE, Emmanuel HND1 Military Male YES
78 OFLAPPTB1241 MUSTAPHA, Oladele HND1 Civilian Male NO
79 OFLAPPTB1271 ABAH, Odeh HND1 Military Male YES
80 OFLAPPTB1463 BITO, Angela HND1 Military Female NO
81 OFLAPPTB1757 OLORUNYOMI, Festus HND1 Civilian Male YES
82 9000110 CHUKWU, Cecilia ND1 Civilian Female YES
83 9000144 MOHAMMED, Bilal ND1 Military Male YES
84 9000156 DANJUMA, Sunday ND1 Military Male YES
85 9000159 EFUNWOLE, Isiaka ND1 Military Male YES
86 9000306 ONYEKA, Wegbuomgisi ND1 Military Male YES
87 9000310 SHAIBU, Muhammed ND1 Military Male YES
88 9000352 GODWIN, Eteokon ND1 Military Male YES
89 9000360 BASHIR, Usman ND1 Military Male YES
90 9000449 SAFIU, Abdullahi ND1 Military Male NO
91 9000462 PEACE, Udoka ND1 Military Female YES
92 9000513 AKINTOYE, Omolara ND1 Military Female YES
93 9000556 EKEOCHA, Chidi ND1 Military Male YES
94 9000561 GODWIN, Christian ND1 Military Male YES
95 9000571 AMEH, Gabriel ND1 Civilian Male YES
96 9000633 TSETIM, Aondongu ND1 Military Male YES
97 9000661 MOHAMMED, Sadiq ND1 Military Male YES
98 9000663 CHUKWUDUMEBI, Odunze ND1 Civilian Male YES
99 9000685 ISHAYA, LEPE ND1 Military Male YES
100 9000686 OJO, Tolulope ND1 Civilian Male NO
101 9000701 YUSHAU, Bello ND1 Military Male YES
102 9000738 OPEIFA, Akanni ND1 Military Male NO
103 9000750 CHUKWUATI, Ezekiel ND1 Military Male YES
104 9000874 THANKGOD, Moses ND1 Military Male YES
105 9000929 LINUS, Yohana ND1 Military Male NO
106 9000948 IDRIS, Mustapha ND1 Civilian Male YES
107 9000952 ADETULA, Adenike ND1 Military Female YES
108 9001020 MUHAMMED, Shaibu ND1 Military Male NO
109 9001083 AROGUNMASA, Oluwabukola ND1 Military Female YES
110 9001105 JOEL, Tsado ND1 Military Male NO
111 9001108 ANAS, Abdullahi ND1 Military Male NO
112 9001197 IFEDAPO, Rasaq ND1 Military Male NO
113 9001354 OLAITAN, Olaniyi ND1 Military Male YES
114 9001475 GABI, Favour ND1 Civilian Male YES
115 9001559 MOHAMMED, Abdullahi ND1 Civilian Male NO
116 9001636 JACK, Benson ND1 M YES
117 9001775 ENIOLA, Jimoh ND1 Female YES
118 9100076 NASIRU, Musa ND1 Civilian M YES
119 OFLAPP0006 OKOPI, Sunday ND1 Military Male NO
120 OFLAPP0008 DIOH, Queen ND1 Military Female NO
121 OFLAPP0009 BULUS, Vincent ND1 Military Male YES
122 OFLAPP0015 OJIMAH, Joy ND1 Military Female YES
123 OFLAPP0024 GBAEREN, Mark ND1 Civilian Male YES
124 OFLAPP0030 AJIBOLA, Oluwafemi ND1 Military Male NO
125 OFLAPP0031 SALIU, Jamiyu ND1 Military Male NO
126 OFLAPP0043 EZENWALEKE, Emmanuel ND1 Civilian Male YES
127 OFLAPP0054 ANOMIE, Elizabeth ND1 Civilian Female YES
128 OFLAPP0056 SHU'AIBU, Hussaini ND1 Civilian Male YES
129 OFLAPP0073 ITI, Ushahemba ND1 Civilian Male YES
130 OFLAPP0097 IDRIS, Zannuwa ND1 Military Male YES
131 OFLAPP0105 AHMED, Olayinka ND1 Military Male YES
132 OFLAPP0141 ANURE, David ND1 Civilian Male YES
133 OFLAPP0147 ONKPE, Onkpe ND1 Military Male YES
134 OFLAPP0165 SYLVESTER, Thankgod ND1 Civilian Male YES
135 OFLAPP0178 SOGIJI, Shuaib ND1 Military Male YES
136 OFLAPP0190 DYEGE, Linda ND1 Civilian Female YES
137 OFLAPP0253 LONGS, Haruna ND1 Military Female YES
138 OFLAPP0272 OKOLO, Ibrahim ND1 Military Male YES
139 OFLAPP0295 OLABOSOYE, Michael ND1 Military Male YES
140 OFLAPP0365 EDEH, Igiri ND1 Civilian Male YES
141 OFLAPP0403 ABODUNRIN, Ajibola ND1 Civilian Male NO
142 OFLAPP0408 MOHAMMED, Hayatu ND1 Military Male YES
143 OFLAPP0417 FOLORUNSO, Abiola ND1 Military Male YES
144 OFLAPP0423 SAMUEL, Emmanuel ND1 Military Male YES
145 OFLAPP0426 OLUSANYA, Omolola ND1 Military Female YES
146 OFLAPP0428 MAHMUD, Mamman ND1 Military Male NO
147 OFLAPP0438 ADAMU, Ishaqa ND1 Military Male NO
148 OFLAPP0439 ENYI, Tochukwu ND1 Civilian Male YES
149 OFLAPP0440 EDE, Ohechila ND1 Civilian Male YES
150 OFLAPP0450 OYIJEWU, Agoo ND1 Military Male NO
151 OFLAPP0457 OBIAJUNWA, Emmanuel ND1 Military Male NO
152 OFLAPP0463 JOSEPH, Ayuba ND1 Military Male YES
153 OFLAPP0485 ABDULLAHI, Abdullahi ND1 Military Male YES
154 OFLAPP0512 ADENIYI, Adepitan ND1 Civilian Male NO
155 OFLAPP0558 ELIJAH, Joseph ND1 Military Male NO
156 OFLAPP0566 INALEGWU, Alechenu ND1 Civilian Male YES
157 OFLAPP0567 ABUBAKAR, Saad ND1 Civilian Male NO
158 OFLAPP0579 AHAMBA, Chihurumnaya ND1 Military Male YES
159 OFLAPP0589 TERSUGH, Solomon ND1 Civilian Male YES
160 OFLAPP0604 ANENE, Chimobi ND1 Military Male NO
161 OFLAPP0628 NWACHUKWU, Azuka ND1 Military Male NO
162 OFLAPP0692 AJITE, ONYECHE ND1 Civilian Female YES
163 OFLAPP0721 IBRAHIM, Haruna ND1 Civilian Male NO
164 OFLAPP0740 BINITIE, Williams ND1 Civilian Male YES
165 OFLAPP0742 ISIKONG, Okon ND1 Military Male NO
166 OFLAPP0754 UGWUOKE, Boniface ND1 Civilian Male NO
167 OFLAPP0756 ASAR, Ngohile ND1 Civilian Female YES
168 OFLAPP0765 GANIYU, Opemipo ND1 Military Female YES
169 OFLAPP0792 SABO, Christopher ND1 Military Male YES
170 OFLAPP0796 UGWU, Chizoba ND1 Military Female YES
172 OFLAPP0826 IBRAHIM, Fal ND1 Civilian Male YES
173 OFLAPP0847 OBE, Adole ND1 Civilian Male YES
174 OFLAPP0858 ESENAIKIFE, Onome ND1 Civilian Male YES
175 OFLAPP0864 ALEMOH, Gabriel ND1 Civilian Male YES
176 OFLAPP0879 LUKA, Emmanuel ND1 Civilian Male YES
177 OFLAPP0890 ILIYA, Esther ND1 Military Female YES
178 OFLAPP1006 ABEL, Onuh ND1 Civilian Male YES
179 OFLAPP1015 MATTHEW, Francis ND1 Military Male YES
180 OFLAPP1018 OLUWASHEGU, Onamede ND1 Military Male YES
181 OFLAPP1020 KUMAGA, Aondowase ND1 Civilian Male YES
182 OFLAPP1038 RABIU, Salisu ND1 Civilian Male NO
183 OFLAPP1047 PAUL, Stephen ND1 Civilian Male YES
184 OFLAPP1064 GYAM, Orkaa ND1 Civilian Male NO
185 OFLAPP1072 PETER, Dogara ND1 Military Male YES
186 OFLAPP1135 NYIKU, Kunum ND1 Civilian Male YES
187 OFLAPP1150 ATSAGA, Joshua ND1 Civilian Male YES
188 OFLAPP1338 ABUBAKAR, As ND1 Civilian Female NO
189 OFLAPP1380 GABRIEL, Abdon ND1 Civilian Male YES
190 OFLAPP2733 JEREMIAH, Joseph ND1 Male NO
191 OFLAPP00221 MOHAMMED, Idris ND1 Military Male YES
192 OFLAPP00229 CHUKWU, Ifeoma ND1 Military Female YES
193 OFLAPP00376 YONGO, Terseer ND1 Civilian Male YES
194 OFLAPP00379 ABDULLAHI, Kabiru ND1 Military Male NO
195 OFLAPP00461 BATURENLAYI, Bagga ND1 Military Male NO
196 OFLAPP00503 BRIGHT, Friday ND1 Civilian Male YES
197 OFLAPP00573 ADUGBA, Unwanu ND1 Military Female NO
198 OFLAPP00695 AUGUSTINE, Alfred ND1 Military Male YES
199 OFLAPP00744 GBEHE, Nguemo ND1 Military Male YES
200 OFLAPP00746 MALACKY, Emmanuel ND1 Civilian Male YES
201 OFLAPP00778 LIAMNGEE, Samuel ND1 Civilian Male YES
202 OFLAPP00794 BALOGUN, Oluwafemi ND1 Civilian Male NO
203 OFLAPP00888 LAWAL, Halimat ND1 Military Male YES
204 OFLAPP00894 JAMES, Ukande ND1 Civilian Male NO
205 OFLAPP00919 OFFORKA, Chizoba ND1 Military Male NO
206 OFLAPP00952 IHEANACHO, Ifeanyi ND1 Military Male NO
207 OFLAPP00955 OKUNOLA, Ibuola ND1 Civilian Male YES
208 OFLAPP00960 BITRUS, GODWIN ND1 Civilian Male YES
209 OFLAPP00961 AKPAN, Abasiyake ND1 Civilian Male YES
211 OFLAPPTB225 OKUNLOLA, Oluwaseyi ND1 Military Male NO
212 OFLAPPTB232 TERNGU, Clement ND1 Civilian Male YES
213 OFLAPPTB322 OSHIN, Precious ND1 Civilian Female YES
214 OFLAPPTB537 RAMSEY, Shekwoduza ND1 Civilian Male YES
215 OFLAPPTB538 EROMOSELE, Benedict ND1 Civilian Male YES
216 OFLAPPTB982 OKEKE, Chimezie ND1 Civilian Male NO
217 OFLAPP001025 OLAUYI, Da1ola ND1 Military Female NO
218 OFLAPP001093 ONYENWE, Uchechukwu ND1 Civilian Male YES
219 OFLAPP001317 AYUBA, Hyelhirra ND1 Civilian Male YES
220 OFLAPP001322 OKEKE, Gift ND1 Civilian Female YES
221 OFLAPP001325 AZER, Winifred ND1 Civilian Male YES
222 OFLAPP001333 ZOHO, Godwin ND1 Civilian Male YES
223 OFLAPP001345 TYOKYAA, Osword ND1 Civilian Male NO
224 OFLAPP001352 ANULE, Kasaa ND1 Civilian Female YES
225 OFLAPP001354 IORSAGE, Demian ND1 Civilian Male YES
226 OFLAPP001607 IGUBE, Audu ND1 Civilian Male NO
227 OFLAPP001626 GBELLE, Zabutu ND1 Civilian Male NO
228 OFLAPP001629 OTU, Simon ND1 Civilian Male NO
229 OFLAPP001633 IBRAHIM, Umar ND1 Military Male NO
230 OFLAPP001635 ANTHONY, Daniel ND1 Civilian Male YES
231 OFLAPP001638 LAWAL, K-ganuwa ND1 Civilian Male NO
232 OFLAPP001665 ALI, Joshua ND1 Civilian Male YES
233 OFLAPP001685 JOSEPH, John ND1 Military Male YES
234 OFLAPP001687 AYILOGE, Odunayo ND1 Civilian Male NO
235 OFLAPP001695 UNUAKHALU, Nkem ND1 Military Male NO
236 OFLAPPTB1204 ZAKA, Awoanyidna ND1 Civilian Male NO
237 OFLAPPTB1214 AUDU, Muhammed ND1 Civilian Male YES
238 OFLAPPTB1309 SAYI, Monday ND1 Civilian Male YES
239 OFLAPPTB1449 IDRIS, Ahmed ND1 Military Male NO
240 OFLAPPTB1465 RICHARD, Terver ND1 Civilian Male YES
241 OFLAPPTB1512 SAMUEL, INAM ND1 Civilian Male YES
242 OFLAPPTB1618 ANGEEGA, Terkuma ND1 Military Male NO
243 OFLAPPTB1649 CLEMENT, Monica ND1 Civilian Female YES
244 OFLAPPTB1724 NEHEMIAH, Susan ND1 Military Female NO
245 OFLAPPTB1725 OBODO, Endurance ND1 Civilian Male NO
246 OFLAPPTB1745 OKONKWO, Henry ND1 Civilian Male NO
247 OFLAPPTB1752 IORSANGE, Vershima ND1 Civilian Male NO
248 OFLAPPTB1764 DAUDA, Friday ND1 Civilian Male NO
249 OFLAPPTB1779 AMEH, Henry ND1 Civilian Male NO
250 OFLAPPTB1792 CELESTINE, Naanyong ND1 Military Male NO
251 9000179 SAADU, O ND2 Military Male YES
252 9000777 DOGO, Michael ND2 Military Male YES
253 9001199 MAGAJI, Naomi ND2 Military Female YES
254 OFLAPP0107 MATHEW, Kemdirim ND2 Military Male YES
255 OFLAPP0115 ENOMAMIEN, Finbar ND2 Military Male YES
256 9000218 CHIDERA, Agomuonso PREHND Military Male YES
257 9000366 ODOH, Joseph PREHND Military Male NO
258 9000632 EMMANUEL, Ogbonna PREHND Military Male NO
259 9000694 BALOGUN, Adewale PREHND Military Male NO
260 9001529 AKANGBE, Hosea PREHND Civilian Male NO
261 9001608 MUKTAR, Abdulsamad PREHND Military Male NO
262 OFLAPP0180 EZIKEORJI, Thankgod PREHND Military Male YES
263 OFLAPP0364 HUSSAINI, Musa PREHND Civilian Male NO
264 OFLAPP0565 ARIKU, Uka PREHND Civilian Male NO
265 OFLAPP0953 ADEFILA, Peter PREHND Military Male YES
266 OFLAPP1008 HUSSAIN, Akinola PREHND Civilian Male NO
267 OFLAPP1061 OSUYA, Anthony PREHND Military Male NO
268 OFLAPP1153 SAGHEV, Terungwa PREHND Civilian Male NO
269 OFLAPP00332 ANYAOGU, John PREHND Civilian Male NO
270 OFLAPP00569 ABUBAKAR, Olasunkanmi PREHND Military Male NO
271 OFLAPP00914 NWAFOR, Ikechukwu PREHND Military Male NO
272 OFLAPP00968 VICTOR, Yakubu PREHND Civilian Male NO
273 OFLAPP001145 ONEBUNNE, Chukwudumogwu PREHND Military Male YES
274 OFLAPP001376 YAHAYA, Halliru PREHND Civilian Male NO
275 OFLAPP001401 OLUWATIMEHIN, Samuel PREHND Military Male NO
276 OFLAPP001663 MSUEGA, Ushahemba PREHND Civilian Male NO
277 OFLAPP001860 AGBEBAKU, Omohioje PREHND Civilian Male NO
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