NACEST | Student Statistics
1 9000073 OGUNMOLA, Yinka HND1 Military Female YES
2 9000143 IJAFIA, Hussara HND1 Military Male YES
3 9000301 POPOOLA, Biodun HND1 Military Male YES
4 9000376 AMADI, Kasie HND1 Military Female YES
5 9000539 ICHUKWU, E. HND1 Military Male YES
6 9000587 JESSICA, Utsaha HND1 Civilian Male YES
7 9000823 MICHAEL, A. HND1 Civilian Female YES
8 9000998 MALIK, Oyiza HND1 Civilian Male NO
9 OFLAPP0067 OLUWASEUN, B. HND1 Civilian Female NO
10 OFLAPP0080 OGUNMOLA, Fayoke HND1 Civilian Male NO
11 OFLAPP0140 NWAKWO, Uchenna HND1 Civilian Male NO
12 OFLAPP0189 EZENWA, Chukwuma HND1 Civilian Male NO
13 OFLAPP0193 ARTHUR, Imoh HND1 Military Female NO
14 OFLAPP0194 OFUA, Anwuli HND1 Military Male NO
15 OFLAPP0265 OGBU, Christopher HND1 Military Male YES
16 OFLAPP0271 HASSAN, Estu HND1 Military Male YES
17 OFLAPP0309 OKOH, Chelsea HND1 Civilian Male NO
18 OFLAPP0310 UWANDU, Joy HND1 Civilian Male NO
19 OFLAPP0319 ABOKWAGH, Rosemary HND1 Civilian Male NO
20 OFLAPP0352 ODEY, Akpaje HND1 Military Male YES
21 OFLAPP0360 ISHAYA, Charity HND1 Military Female YES
22 OFLAPP0490 EBI, Queenlucy HND1 Civilian Male NO
23 OFLAPP0506 EMECHETA, N. HND1 Military Female NO
24 OFLAPP0507 CHIDEBE, Ugochukwu HND1 Military Male NO
25 OFLAPP0557 EKOH, Monday HND1 Military Male NO
26 OFLAPP0655 NOAH, Edet HND1 Military Male YES
27 OFLAPP0683 ENAGU, Esse HND1 Civilian Male YES
28 OFLAPP0712 IDRIS, Musa HND1 Military Male NO
29 OFLAPP0715 DANJUMA, Nafisatu HND1 Civilian Female NO
30 OFLAPP0716 TIJANI, Ramatu HND1 Civilian Female NO
31 OFLAPP0720 IWUJI, Ogochukwu HND1 Civilian Female NO
32 OFLAPP0723 SIMEON, Akagbem HND1 Civilian Male NO
33 OFLAPP0729 OSSAI, Chimyere HND1 Civilian Male NO
34 OFLAPP0803 EGBE, Ojo HND1 Military Male NO
35 OFLAPP0822 OKPE, Omale HND1 Civilian Male NO
36 OFLAPP0832 EDEH, Simon HND1 Civilian Female NO
37 OFLAPP0852 CHIKEZIE, Ngozi HND1 Civilian Female YES
38 OFLAPP0901 ENOKELA, Susan HND1 Civilian Female YES
39 OFLAPP0913 MOHAMMED, Usman HND1 Civilian Male YES
40 OFLAPP0914 SABO, Ali HND1 Civilian Male NO
41 OFLAPP0918 NWOKPOKU, Friday HND1 Civilian Female YES
42 OFLAPP1023 AMOS, Habila HND1 Military Female NO
43 OFLAPP1074 PETER, Samson HND1 Military Female YES
44 OFLAPP1083 ISHAYA, Hosea HND1 Civilian Female NO
45 OFLAPP1142 MUBARAK, Muhammad HND1 Military Male NO
46 OFLAPP1148 BEN, Enangha HND1 Military Male NO
47 OFLAPP1176 CHUKWUDI, Josiah HND1 Civilian Male NO
48 OFLAPP1391 AMIETIE, Akpan HND1 Civilian Female NO
49 9000157 ETENG, Ernest ND1 Military Female NO
50 9000237 JOHN, Stephen ND1 Military Male YES
51 9000491 NDOM, Ayoga ND1 Military Male YES
52 9000582 MOSES, Stephen ND1 Civilian Male YES
53 9000659 EFFIONG, Okon ND1 Military Female YES
54 9000845 ODOGWO, F. ND1 Military Male YES
55 9000851 MARK, Ayibanimiyi ND1 Military Female YES
56 9000889 EUCHARIA, Danko ND1 Civilian Male NO
57 9000891 NGBO, Ande ND1 Military Female NO
58 9001038 OLADIPO, Kikelomo ND1 Civilian Male NO
59 OFLAPP0016 JOHN, Lydia ND1 Military Male NO
60 OFLAPP0017 HYELNI, Yidawi ND1 Military Female NO
61 OFLAPP0018 GODWIN, Moses ND1 Military Male NO
62 OFLAPP0019 ELISHA, Punarimam ND1 Military Male NO
63 OFLAPP0032 OGUNSAKIN, Ayodeji ND1 Military Female YES
64 OFLAPP0041 ALI, Sanusi ND1 Military Male YES
65 OFLAPP0058 NYIKYAA, Terkaa ND1 Civilian Male NO
66 OFLAPP0078 SADIQ, Umar ND1 Civilian Male YES
67 OFLAPP0087 SAMSON, Friday ND1 Military Male NO
68 OFLAPP0095 MALACHI, Faith ND1 Military Male YES
69 OFLAPP0123 MUSA, Itsegok ND1 Military Male YES
70 OFLAPP0128 ELLA, Elamma ND1 Civilian Female YES
71 OFLAPP0148 ANI, Victory ND1 Civilian Male YES
72 OFLAPP0155 ANGBAGH, Celina ND1 Civilian Female NO
73 OFLAPP0163 OLIVER, Moses ND1 Civilian Female NO
74 OFLAPP0177 MUSA, Abbas ND1 Civilian Male NO
75 OFLAPP0308 MOHAMMED, Babi ND1 Military Female YES
76 OFLAPP0328 HARUNA, Abdulkadir ND1 Civilian Female NO
77 OFLAPP0415 IDUMA, Ikpabi ND1 Civilian Male NO
78 OFLAPP0429 MUSTAPHA, Awaku ND1 Civilian Male NO
79 OFLAPP0436 ATUNRASHE, E. ND1 Military Male NO
80 OFLAPP0456 UDUAK, Favour ND1 Civilian Female NO
81 OFLAPP0466 IORKYAA, Kamimi ND1 Civilian Male YES
82 OFLAPP0488 NWOVU, Chukwuka ND1 Civilian Female NO
83 OFLAPP0491 DAVIDSON, Richi ND1 Civilian Male YES
84 OFLAPP0510 ALHASSAN, Abubakar ND1 Military Male NO
85 OFLAPP0562 AKUBA, Adam ND1 Military Female NO
86 OFLAPP0571 MUSA, Musa ND1 Civilian Male YES
87 OFLAPP0576 JAMES, Queen ND1 Military Male YES
88 OFLAPP0583 AKPAN, Joe ND1 Civilian Male YES
89 OFLAPP0598 CARDINAL, Ebong ND1 Civilian Female NO
90 OFLAPP0620 SUNDAY, Idowu ND1 Civilian Male NO
91 OFLAPP0653 ALOGBA, D. ND1 Civilian Female YES
92 OFLAPP0713 SAIDU, Usman ND1 Military Female NO
93 OFLAPP0714 ABDULSALEM, Abubakar ND1 Civilian Male NO
94 OFLAPP0718 AMAFINI, Michael ND1 Civilian Male NO
95 OFLAPP0719 ANGESE, Wilson ND1 Civilian Male NO
96 OFLAPP0760 ONAKOYA, Daniel ND1 Civilian Male NO
97 OFLAPP0767 EGWIM, Ezinne ND1 Military Male NO
98 OFLAPP0772 SOLOMON, Aondosoo ND1 Civilian Male YES
99 OFLAPP0808 ONUH, Israel ND1 Military Male NO
100 OFLAPP0814 AKOMBOR, Mfena ND1 Civilian Male YES
101 OFLAPP0831 NENGEAN, Ushana ND1 Military Male NO
102 OFLAPP0843 IKUBEHINDE, Oluwaseun ND1 Military Female NO
103 OFLAPP0874 AJI, Ephraim ND1 Military Male NO
104 OFLAPP0877 BAKO, Endurance ND1 Military Female NO
105 OFLAPP0878 OTA, Mark ND1 Civilian Female NO
106 OFLAPP0882 ENYIAYEWU, Babatunde ND1 Military Male NO
107 OFLAPP0889 UDIKPO, Akwa ND1 Civilian Male NO
108 OFLAPP0934 DANJUMA, Dalyop ND1 Military Male NO
109 OFLAPP1016 AKASE, Emmanuella ND1 Civilian Female YES
110 OFLAPP1030 FALANA, Olabode ND1 Civilian Male NO
111 OFLAPP1043 PATRICK, Audu ND1 Civilian Male YES
112 OFLAPP1087 TERFA, Kelvin ND1 Civilian Male NO
113 OFLAPP1110 THANKGOD, Sunday ND1 Civilian Female YES
114 OFLAPP1117 OTOKPA, Christopher ND1 Military Male YES
115 OFLAPP1118 KAKA, Agatha ND1 Civilian Male YES
116 OFLAPP1156 ODIOMUME, Onyinyechukwu ND1 Civilian Male YES
117 OFLAPP1164 BELLO, Suleiman ND1 Civilian Female NO
118 OFLAPP1196 OJUADE, Adebola ND1 Military Male NO
119 OFLAPP1415 EDEH, Festus ND1 Civilian Male YES
121 OFLAPP0129 OGUCHO, Samuel PREHND Civilian Male NO
122 OFLAPP0204 OVUA, Ogechi PREHND Civilian Male NO
123 OFLAPP0433 VICTOR, Emmanuel PREHND Military Male YES
124 OFLAPP0493 SHAIBU, B. PREHND Civilian Male NO
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