NACEST | Student Statistics
1 800046 ICHUKWU, E. HND1 Military Male YES
2 800097 SAMUEL, Ugbede HND1 Military Male NO
3 800271 IYOKE, Mmaduabuchi HND1 Civilian Male NO
4 800330 ONYESOM, Casmir HND1 Military Male YES
5 800448 FRIDAY, Tairu HND1 Military Male NO
6 800588 ABDULKADIR, Nuhu HND1 Military Male YES
7 800615 IBRAHIM, Aliyu HND1 Military Male YES
8 800621 MARIAM, Alhassan HND1 Military Male YES
9 800681 JOY, Isibor HND1 Military Female YES
10 800690 MUHAMMED, Hassan HND1 Military Male YES
11 800698 OYEDEJI, D. HND1 Military Male YES
12 800839 FRANCIS, AONDONA HND1 Military Male YES
13 800896 USONKA, E. HND1 Military Male NO
14 800991 ISSA, TOHEEB HND1 Military Male YES
15 801027 ROMANU, Ugwueze HND1 Civilian Male YES
16 801123 ADEKANBI, Adeyemi HND1 Military Male YES
17 801219 USMAN, Emmanuel HND1 Military Male YES
18 801295 BAKARE, AKANBI HND1 Civilian Male YES
19 801418 RAHEEM, SAKA HND1 Civilian Male YES
20 801442 JOB, Ilemona HND1 Military Male NO
21 801443 EMMANUEL, Elisha HND1 Civilian Male YES
22 801514 DANIEL, Eze HND1 Civilian Male YES
23 801639 UMAR, Isah HND1 Civilian Male YES
24 801653 YOHANNA, Sunday HND1 Military Male YES
25 801731 HAMISU, Ibrahim HND1 Male NO
26 801858 SOLOMON, Simon HND1 Civilian Male YES
27 801930 ACHAGH, Emmanuel HND1 Male YES
28 801995 ABUBAKAR, Isah HND1 Male YES
29 801997 ASTIRA, Karatu HND1 Civilian Female YES
30 801998 SKARI, Daniel HND1 Military Female YES
31 801999 HARUNA, Auta HND1 Female YES
32 802000 ADEBO, Elizabeth HND1 Female YES
33 802005 GORDON, Mark HND1 Military Male YES
34 900342 REBECCA, Garba HND1 Military Female YES
35 8009910 ISSA, Toheeb HND1 Military Male NO
36 A801996 MUSTAPHA, Abdulkadir HND1 M YES
37 80199400 OMOSEHIN, Joseph HND1 Male YES
38 OFLA2639 SUNDAY, O HND1 Civilian Male YES
39 OFLA2705 PETER, Oyisi HND1 Military Male NO
40 OFLA2900 PETER, Enejo HND1 Military Male YES
41 OFLA3391 WUYAH, RICHARD HND1 Military Male YES
42 OFLAP2544 ONWUKWE, Nwokan HND1 Military Male NO
43 OFLAP2602 ONYIAH, OBINNA HND1 Military Male YES
44 OFLAP2615 AGU, Chinekwu HND1 Military Female YES
45 OFLAP2652 BONIFACE, O. HND1 Military Male YES
46 OFLAP2713 JIGUM, Lazarus HND1 Military Male YES
47 OFLAP2744 SANI, Jabiru HND1 Civilian Male NO
48 OFLAP2761 SOJE, Samuel HND1 Military Male YES
49 OFLAP2768 ALHASSAN, Maali HND1 Male NO
50 OFLAP2795 ADEGOJU, Abosede HND1 Military Female YES
51 OFLAP2803 YUSUF, Adams HND1 Civilian Male YES
52 OFLAP2804 IZZIDEEN, Saidu HND1 Military Male YES
53 OFLAP2805 ABUBAKAR, Sani HND1 Military Male YES
54 OFLAP2812 ANYANWU, Udoka HND1 Military Female NO
55 OFLAP2817 ANYA, Jennifer HND1 Civilian Male YES
56 OFLAP2838 AYENI, Joshua HND1 Military Male YES
57 OFLAP2898 EKPENYONG, UMOH HND1 Civilian Female YES
58 OFLAP2918 UKE, Mbakoron HND1 Civilian Female YES
59 OFLAP2943 HWANDE, Iorwuese HND1 Military Male YES
60 OFLAP2980 SULEIMAN, Iliya HND1 Military Male YES
61 OFLAP2981 GABRIEL, Mudiaga HND1 Military Male YES
62 OFLAP3013 DARAMOLA, O. HND1 Military Male YES
63 OFLAP3034 ACHIKA, H. HND1 Military Female YES
64 OFLAP3075 DUNU, Chukwuemeka HND1 Civilian Male NO
65 OFLAP3078 OBINNA, Precious HND1 Civilian Female YES
66 OFLAP3104 YAHUZA, HARUNA HND1 Military Male YES
67 OFLAP3122 IORYOOSU, Felix HND1 Civilian Male YES
68 OFLAP3161 EZE, Chukwuebuka HND1 Civilian Male YES
69 OFLAP3162 CHUKWUDI, Julius HND1 Civilian Male YES
70 OFLAP3183 OJONUGWA, O. HND1 Military Male YES
71 OFLAP3186 NUHU, Godwin HND1 Military Male YES
72 OFLAP3190 UBU, Mathias HND1 Civilian Female YES
73 OFLAP3196 OCHE, Idakwo HND1 Military Male YES
74 OFLAP3197 MAIRUMBU, Peter HND1 Male YES
75 OFLAP3251 ALIYU, Muhd HND1 Civilian Male NO
76 OFLAP3329 INNOCENT, IDOO HND1 Civilian Male YES
77 OFLAP3330 ABDUL, Nura HND1 Civilian Male YES
78 OFLAP3348 INNOCENT, Ido HND1 Military Male NO
80 OFLAP3374 MOMOH, M. HND1 Civilian Male NO
82 OFLAP3401 OKAFOR, Chukwuebuka HND1 Civilian Male YES
83 OFLAP3434 SUNDAY, Naomi HND1 Civilian Female YES
84 OFLAP3462 IORTYOM, Esther HND1 Civilian Female YES
85 OFLAP3471 ADUKWU, Isaac HND1 Civilian Male NO
87 OFLAP3494 OHEMU, Prince HND1 Male YES
88 OFLAP3518 PRECIOUS, Jerry HND1 Civilian Female YES
89 OFLAP3520 ABUBAKAR, Yunus HND1 Military Male YES
90 OFLAP3539 CHIMA, Chijioke HND1 Civilian Male NO
91 OFLAP3563 EPHRAIM, Ayuba HND1 Civilian Male YES
93 OFLAP3569 JOSEPH, Unekwujo HND1 Military Female YES
94 OFLAP3570 NKU , ITINANG HND1 Civilian Female YES
95 OFLAP3575 YOHANNA, Emmanuel HND1 Male YES
96 OFLAP3690 AAKWU, Margaret HND1 Military Female YES
97 OFLAP3734 KINGSLEY, Udoka HND1 Male NO
98 OFLAP3937 OGUCHE, ENEOJO HND1 Civilian Male YES
99 OFLAP3964 ELISHA, Francis HND1 Military Male YES
100 OFLAP3972 ISHAKU, Joshua HND1 Military Male YES
101 OFLAP3974 OKORO, Chukwu HND1 Military Male YES
102 OFLA800592 DOMINIC, W. HND1 Military Male YES
103 OFLAP26520 BONIFACE, Joshua HND1 Male NO
104 OFLAP27440 SANI, Jabiru HND1 Civilian Male NO
105 OFLAP30610 HASSAN, Olamilekan HND1 Civilian Male YES
106 OFLAP32280 OKOYE, K HND1 Civilian Male YES
107 OFLAP32510 ALIYU, Muhammed HND1 Civilian Male NO
108 OFLAP34570 GODWIN, Lilian HND1 Military Female YES
110 OFLAP35790 CHETA, Chihurum HND1 Male YES
111 OFLAP80046 AJIBADE, Adeyinka HND1 Military Male YES
112 OFLAPS3197 MAIRUMBU, Peter HND1 Male NO
113 OFLAPS3507 ANDREW, Abba HND1 Military Male YES
114 OFLAPS3858 ASOM, Sughnen HND1 Male YES
115 OFLAPS3882 ITODO, Simon HND1 Male NO
116 A2735 OLARINDE, Tosin ND1 F YES
117 800008 AKINBO, Ayobode ND1 Civilian Male YES
118 800027 DANIEL, Nzube ND1 Male NO
119 800029 ERNEST, Jir ND1 Military Male YES
120 800041 HAMMED, TOLANI ND1 Military Male YES
121 800087 OLALEYE, TOPE ND1 Military Male YES
122 800100 SHOYERI, Israel ND1 Military Male YES
123 800182 MARVELOUS, Okotie ND1 M NO
124 800225 ADEKUNLE, A ND1 Male YES
125 800242 OJOARE, SHAMUSIDEEN ND1 Military Male YES
126 800250 KUKU, Abosede ND1 Military Female YES
127 800299 EKWUGHA, CHIAMAKA ND1 Military Female YES
128 800524 AGAJI, Nkama ND1 Male YES
129 800547 FRIDAY, Samuel ND1 Civilian Male NO
130 800644 GREGORY, John ND1 Civilian Male YES
131 800653 OLORUNTOBA, Julius ND1 Military Male YES
132 800658 PRAISE, Alex ND1 Civilian Male NO
133 800759 DANIEL, Abiodun ND1 Military Male YES
134 800795 MUSA, Lawal ND1 Military Male YES
135 800818 AMOS, MICHAEL ND1 Male YES
136 800830 AMIEKHAMHE, Eghiemheyor ND1 Military Male YES
137 800836 ADESHINA, Oluwaseun ND1 Male YES
138 800912 QUEEN, Ali ND1 Military Female YES
139 800957 MAGDALENE, Yakubu ND1 Military Female YES
140 800965 OFOKA, Lawrence ND1 Civilian Male NO
141 801000 LAWRENCE, BUBA ND1 Military Female YES
142 801048 ADANORITSEWO, S. ND1 Civilian Male YES
143 801190 BRIDGET, Ngwunan ND1 Civilian Female NO
144 801204 JOHN, Patience ND1 Military Female YES
145 801370 KYAUTA, Kuje ND1 Military Male YES
146 801401 ISHAKU, Safiyanu ND1 Military Male YES
147 801581 EKEMINI, Effiong ND1 Military Male YES
148 801707 UBONG, Udo ND1 YES
149 801748 SAMSON, Adesokan ND1 Male NO
150 801757 NIMEY, Nimla ND1 Male YES
151 801810 EUODIA, Demson ND1 Male NO
152 801824 EZAKA, Celestine ND1 Male YES
153 801849 KERIM, Abass ND1 Male YES
154 810012 LINUS, Dogara ND1 M NO
155 A27350 OLARINDE, Tosin ND1 Female NO
156 8003340 OYEWOLE, Oyekanmi ND1 Military Male NO
157 8006530 OLORUNTOBA, J. ND1 Military Male NO
158 8017070 UBONG, Udo ND1 Male NO
160 OFLAP2501 OTITOLOJU, Samuel ND1 Military Male YES
161 OFLAP2503 SUNDAY, Obinna ND1 Civilian Male YES
162 OFLAP2504 OKO, Ushang ND1 Military Male YES
163 OFLAP2506 AZUKA, Q ND1 Military Male YES
164 OFLAP2536 BANIRE, Semiu ND1 Military Male YES
165 OFLAP2540 ATUNRASHE, Ekundayo ND1 Military Male YES
166 OFLAP2551 ISA, Hauwa ND1 Military Female YES
167 OFLAP2552 SANI, Audi ND1 Military Female YES
168 OFLAP2556 SULEIMAN, Ukas ND1 Civilian Male YES
169 OFLAP2557 ANWAL, Ibrahim ND1 Civilian Male YES
170 OFLAP2567 TORSOUGH, ORCHIR ND1 Military Male YES
171 OFLAP2570 ONWUKA, Chijioke ND1 Military Male YES
172 OFLAP2604 YARO, Dorcas ND1 Military Female YES
173 OFLAP2612 TUNTU, A. ND1 Military Female YES
174 OFLAP2626 LOKOCHI, Uaver ND1 Military Male YES
175 OFLAP2649 MORGAN, PROMISE ND1 Civilian Male YES
176 OFLAP2671 MUHAMMED, Nabila ND1 Military Female YES
177 OFLAP2695 FAYOSE, Olavusu ND1 Military Female YES
178 OFLAP2732 SHUBU, A. ND1 Civilian Male YES
179 OFLAP2751 OBADIAH, Ambi ND1 Military Male YES
180 OFLAP2763 KABIR, Zaid ND1 Military Male YES
181 OFLAP2769 LONGTOE, Shepvel ND1 Military Male YES
182 OFLAP2770 YAKUBU, Musa ND1 Military Male NO
183 OFLAP2776 PETER, Deborah ND1 Civilian Female NO
184 OFLAP2777 ADEYEYE, M. ND1 Military Female NO
185 OFLAP2782 MOHAMMED, Chiji ND1 Military Male YES
186 OFLAP2798 FELIX, Ishaya ND1 Military Male YES
187 OFLAP2813 KANUGO, Serah ND1 Military Female YES
188 OFLAP2816 ADEKOLEOYE, Israel ND1 Military Male YES
189 OFLAP2839 JEGEDE, Abiodun ND1 Military Male YES
190 OFLAP2851 IKONAGBON, Andrew ND1 Military Male YES
191 OFLAP2880 ADEBAYO, Tayo ND1 Military Male YES
192 OFLAP2891 JOHN, Jacob ND1 Military Male YES
193 OFLAP2909 UGBEGWO, Joshua ND1 Military Male YES
194 OFLAP2926 SHIAONDO, DOOM ND1 Civilian Female YES
195 OFLAP2941 ODAMA, Adoga ND1 Military Male YES
196 OFLAP2962 OWOICHO, Gabriel ND1 Civilian Male NO
197 OFLAP2964 GARBA, Buba ND1 Military Male YES
198 OFLAP2970 BASIRU, Magaji ND1 Military Male YES
199 OFLAP2973 JOR, Ternamdoo ND1 Civilian Female YES
200 OFLAP2991 AHULUGH, A. ND1 Civilian Male YES
201 OFLAP3002 SAMUEL, Lucky ND1 Civilian Male YES
202 OFLAP3009 EKELE, Eyikojowna ND1 Civilian Female YES
203 OFLAP3017 ABANG, Lawrence ND1 Military Male YES
204 OFLAP3019 HUSSAINI, IDASHO ND1 Civilian Female YES
205 OFLAP3022 IBRAHM, Nusa ND1 Military Male NO
206 OFLAP3029 ODEY, Odey ND1 Military Male YES
207 OFLAP3036 IBRAHIM, Muazu ND1 Military Male NO
209 OFLAP3058 HASSAN, Shogu ND1 Civilian Male NO
210 OFLAP3063 EGBI, Ejijor ND1 Civilian Male NO
211 OFLAP3065 OLADOSU, VALENTINA ND1 Civilian Female NO
212 OFLAP3085 IFAN, Mnena ND1 Civilian Female YES
213 OFLAP3092 KORNA, Moses ND1 Civilian Male YES
214 OFLAP3116 OGUONYINYECHIMA, Maureen ND1 Civilian Female YES
215 OFLAP3130 ALI, Muhammed ND1 Military Male NO
216 OFLAP3138 EDET, Emmanuel ND1 Military Male NO
218 OFLAP3158 ESSE, Mfam ND1 Civilian Male YES
219 OFLAP3208 OMOVIE, KELVIN ND1 Civilian Male YES
220 OFLAP3218 ITOROK, Adolphus ND1 Civilian Male YES
221 OFLAP3260 IBRAHIM, Jashan ND1 Civilian Male NO
222 OFLAP3296 UGBE, Ushaka ND1 Civilian Male YES
223 OFLAP3298 OCHOGWU, Victoria ND1 Military Female YES
224 OFLAP3306 TAOREED, Lukman ND1 Civilian Male NO
225 OFLAP3307 GOODNESS, Sunday ND1 Civilian Male YES
226 OFLAP3308 KALU, Ukoh ND1 Military Male YES
227 OFLAP3320 NNAEMEKA, Amarachi ND1 Civilian Female YES
228 OFLAP3322 ORAHII, Sonnen ND1 Military Male YES
229 OFLAP3327 SALEH, Musbahu ND1 Civilian Female NO
230 OFLAP3333 OGBOGURE, Stephen ND1 Military Male YES
231 OFLAP3353 IBRAHIM, Muhammed ND1 Male YES
232 OFLAP3359 SHEHU, Ponmak ND1 Military Male YES
233 OFLAP3365 UDOH, Asukwo ND1 Military Male NO
234 OFLAP3367 ABANSHIEBE, Mathiias ND1 Civilian Male YES
235 OFLAP3378 OKEWOLE, Abiola ND1 Civilian Male YES
236 OFLAP3381 BUBA, Ezekiel ND1 Civilian Male YES
237 OFLAP3393 ADO, Nasir ND1 Civilian Male NO
238 OFLAP3394 SAMUEL, Bakke ND1 Military Male NO
239 OFLAP3395 OSARIEMEN, Bright ND1 Military Male YES
240 OFLAP3407 ALHASSAN, Augustine ND1 Civilian Male YES
241 OFLAP3416 ANIH, Michael ND1 Civilian Male NO
242 OFLAP3418 ALIYU, Abubakar ND1 Male NO
243 OFLAP3421 USMAN, Lami ND1 Military Female YES
244 OFLAP3423 YOHANNA, NENMAN ND1 Military Male YES
245 OFLAP3439 EMMANUEL, Emmanuel ND1 Military Male YES
246 OFLAP3447 ENIAYEWU, Babatunde ND1 Civilian Male NO
247 OFLAP3479 AYAJOV, Solomon ND1 Male YES
248 OFLAP3487 IBRAHIM, Marafa ND1 Male YES
249 OFLAP3524 OFEM, Omini ND1 Civilian Female YES
250 OFLAP3549 LINUS, Njok ND1 Military Female YES
251 OFLAP3550 DANIEL, ALADI ND1 Civilian Female NO
252 OFLAP3553 ESTELI, John ND1 Civilian Male YES
253 OFLAP3566 ODIAHI, Luke ND1 Military Male YES
254 OFLAP3571 NNENNA, Thankgod ND1 Military Male NO
255 OFLAP3589 ABIOLA, Oluwaseyi ND1 Civilian Male YES
256 OFLAP3599 ADAM, Oguw ND1 Male NO
257 OFLAP3617 AKINMOLAYEMI, Oluwaranti ND1 Female YES
258 OFLAP3618 ONAH, Onyedikachi ND1 Male YES
259 OFLAP3637 IROANYA, Izuchukwu ND1 Male YES
260 OFLAP3639 ACHAKA, Simon ND1 Female NO
261 OFLAP3658 IORWAH, Mercy ND1 Male YES
263 OFLAP3674 MARK, David ND1 Male YES
264 OFLAP3688 ATAYI, Blessing ND1 Military Female YES
265 OFLAP3710 OBASI, Chidinma ND1 Military Female YES
266 OFLAP3720 YUSUF, Shamsiya ND1 Civilian Female YES
267 OFLAP3740 AGEV, Judith ND1 Civilian Female YES
268 OFLAP3742 DAM, Samuel ND1 Female YES
269 OFLAP3746 MBUA, Obun ND1 Male YES
270 OFLAP3748 OKOYE, David ND1 Male NO
271 OFLAP3755 OBI, Obi ND1 Male NO
272 OFLAP3760 HABILA, Ibrahim ND1 Military Male YES
273 OFLAP3761 ODOK, Ruth ND1 Military Female YES
274 OFLAP3763 INNAKAINO, Baje ND1 Male NO
275 OFLAP3770 GARBA, Tasiu ND1 Male NO
276 OFLAP3781 UBUR, Joyce ND1 Civilian Male YES
277 OFLAP3782 MSUGHTER, Agatha ND1 Civilian Male YES
278 OFLAP3846 USMAN, Gamaliel ND1 Military Male YES
279 OFLAP3869 AJOKU, Goodluck ND1 M YES
280 OFLAP3878 ALHASSAN, Abubakar ND1 M NO
281 OFLAP3932 BARNABAS, John ND1 Military Male YES
282 OFLAP3942 DANIEL, BLESSING ND1 Military Male YES
283 OFLAP3943 HANNATU, Ezekiel ND1 Civilian Female YES
284 OFLAP3946 USMAN, Gamaliel ND1 Military Male NO
285 OFLAP3950 EBONG, Cardinal ND1 Civilian Male YES
286 OFLAP3967 OGUNLOWO, Olumide ND1 Military Male NO
287 OFLAP3977 IBRAHIM, Jamilu ND1 Male NO
288 OFLAP25870 USMAN, Aminu ND1 Military Male NO
289 OFLAP26550 AMIR, Amir ND1 Military Male YES
290 OFLAP27510 OBADIAH, A. ND1 Military Male NO
291 OFLAP27630 KABIR, Zaid ND1 Military Male NO
292 OFLAP28130 KANUGO, Serah ND1 Military Male NO
293 OFLAP29720 MOSES, Agbo ND1 Military Male NO
294 OFLAP33020 SAKA, Ayomide ND1 Military Female NO
295 OFLAP33070 GOODNESS, S ND1 Male NO
296 OFLAP33830 OJO, O. ND1 Male YES
297 OFLAP34230 YAHONNA, Gobu ND1 Male NO
298 OFLAP36840 YINA, Awasen ND1 Civilian Male YES
299 OFLAP80047 IDOWU, Abayomi ND1 Military Male YES
300 OFLAP80068 MUHAMMED, Kasati ND1 Civilian Male NO
301 OFLAP80071 MOSHOOD, BAMIDELE ND1 Military Male YES
302 OFLAPS3809 ADIKPE, Ojoma ND1 Female YES
303 OFLAPS3812 UKPAI, Chinasa ND1 Female YES
304 OFLAPS3825 OLASEBI, Promise ND1 Male NO
305 OFLAPS3859 ADAMA, John ND1 Male NO
306 OFLAPS3860 OTEH, Ifeanyi ND1 Male NO
307 OFLAPS3883 ATTAH, C. ND1 Female YES
308 OFLAPS3889 AJOKU, Goodluk ND1 Female NO
309 OFLAPS3896 CHIGBU, ONYEKACHI ND1 Military Female YES
310 OFLAPS3999 BAJE, Innakaino ND1 Male NO
311 800693 MAMUDA, Abdullahi ND2 Civilian Male YES
312 801517 TAIWO, J. ND2 Military Male YES
313 OFLA2908 WAHEED, Nurudeen ND2 Military Male YES
314 OFLA2953 ELIWHUO, Michael ND2 Military Male YES
315 OFLA3065 OKONKWO, Chinonso ND2 Military Male YES
316 OFLA3949 AYILA, Terungwa ND2 Military Male YES
317 OFLAP2673 KOFI, A. ND2 Civilian Female YES
318 OFLAP3266 SULEIMAN, Muawiyya ND2 Military M YES
319 OFLAP3373 SUNDAY, Umuru ND2 Military Male YES
320 OFLAP3476 DAVID, TERNGU ND2 Military Male YES
321 OFLAP3701 AONDOAKAA, Cyprian ND2 Civilian Male YES
322 OFLAP3702 JESA, Oghenekaro ND2 Military Male YES
323 OFLAP33880 MOHAMMED, JIBRIN ND2 Military Male YES
324 800380 KAYODE, Banjo PREHND Civilian Male NO
325 800592 DOMINIC, Walter PREHND Male NO
326 OFLA3339 HAMISU, AUTA PREHND Military Male NO
327 OFLAP3265 OKONKWO, C. PREHND Civilian Male NO
328 OFLAP3388 MOHAMMED, Jibra PREHND Military Male YES
329 OFLAP3457 GODWIN, Ohobu PREHND Military Female NO
330 OFLAP3493 DAHIRU, Suleiman PREHND Male NO
333 OFLAPS7987 AROKE, James PREHND Male NO
334 OFLAP3455 MATHEW, Monday PREND Civilian Male YES
335 OFLA2921 ABDULHAKEM, Abdullahi PRHND Military Male YES
336 OFLA3170 MUSA, Hassan PRHND Civilian Male NO
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