NACEST | Student Statistics
1 9000395 DANIEL, Sunday HND1 Military Male NO
2 9001487 NASCO, Ami HND1 Military Male NO
3 OFLAPP0315 AMUTA, Patrick HND1 Civilian Male NO
4 OFLAPP0347 KANU, Calistu HND1 Military Male YES
5 OFLAPP0349 BULUS, Dauda HND1 Military Male YES
6 OFLAPP0350 DANIEL, Chuwang HND1 Civilian Female YES
7 OFLAPP0708 MADU, Marshai HND1 Military Male YES
8 OFLAPP0710 YAKUBU, Yavwan HND1 Military Male YES
9 OFLAPP1171 ODOCK, Ekoigbe HND1 Civilian Female YES
10 OFLAPP1195 JIMOH, Owolabi HND1 Civilian Male YES
11 OFLAPP00164 ADEOGUN, Abideen HND1 Military Male YES
12 OFLAPP00331 AJAO, Ayinde HND1 Civilian Male YES
13 OFLAPP00333 ASHIEGU, Chigozie HND1 Civilian Male YES
14 OFLAPP00396 GRACE, Musa HND1 Military Female YES
15 OFLAPP00976 USMAN, Zainab HND1 Civilian Female NO
16 OFLAPPTB329 MUSA, Ishaku HND1 Civilian Male NO
17 OFLAPPTB648 ADEBAYO, David HND1 Military Male NO
18 OFLAPP001337 AKWELE, Oreva HND1 Military Male YES
19 OFLAPP001410 AKINRADEWO, Oluwashina HND1 Civilian Male NO
20 OFLAPPTB1221 FIDELIS, Godstime HND1 Civilian Female YES
21 OFLAPPTB1514 OGUNJOBI, Samuel HND1 Civilian Male NO
22 OFLAPPTB1881 OKON, Edet HND1 Civilian Male NO
23 9000162 VICTOR, Zaki ND1 Military Male YES
24 9000281 ABANG, Wuchi ND1 Military Female YES
25 9000518 MOHAMMED, Amina ND1 Military Female YES
26 9000761 IORKAHA, Lubem ND1 Civilian Male YES
27 9001014 UGOCHUKWU, Ikechuku ND1 Military Male YES
28 9001408 MFAM, EBASE ND1 Civilian Male YES
29 9001573 NANSING, Ponzing ND1 Military Male NO
30 OFLAPP0001 AISHA, Muhammad ND1 Civilian Female YES
31 OFLAPP0011 USMAN, Suleman ND1 Military Male YES
32 OFLAPP0106 CHURSON, Abigail ND1 Civilian Female YES
33 OFLAPP0127 ABUBAKAR, Yahaya ND1 Military Male YES
34 OFLAPP0373 LUKA, Dogara ND1 Civilian Male YES
35 OFLAPP0618 BUKAR, Hassan ND1 Military Male YES
36 OFLAPP0689 ANNAS, Godwin ND1 Military Female YES
37 OFLAPP0703 SANUSI, Bala ND1 Civilian Male NO
38 OFLAPP0705 OSIAKO, Matthew ND1 Civilian Male YES
39 OFLAPP0709 BOSTON, Goodluck ND1 Military Male YES
40 OFLAPP0750 JOHN, Peter ND1 Civilian Male NO
41 OFLAPP0834 OJILE, Moses ND1 Civilian Male YES
42 OFLAPP0857 IYONKYO, Tarkighir ND1 Civilian Male YES
43 OFLAPP0896 OSA, Eyere ND1 Civilian Female YES
44 OFLAPP0930 SOGO, Olufemi ND1 Military Female NO
45 OFLAPP1014 JACOB, Markus ND1 Civilian Male NO
46 OFLAPP1053 NGBIDI, Kelvin ND1 Military Male YES
47 OFLAPP1139 KPISHIM, Paul ND1 Civilian Male NO
48 OFLAPP1166 IGWE, Nwanneke ND1 Military Female YES
49 OFLAPP1181 SAMA'ILA, Mamuda ND1 Military Male YES
50 OFLAPP1366 OGHENEOVO, Oghenevogaga ND1 Civilian Male YES
51 OFLAPP00027 ANEKE, Rita ND1 Military Female YES
52 OFLAPP00167 ADEJORO, Paul ND1 Military Male NO
53 OFLAPP00170 ADEREMI, Olawale ND1 Military Male YES
54 OFLAPP00334 ANIBOLA, Joy ND1 Military Female YES
55 OFLAPP00666 OLATUNDUN, Tunmise ND1 Civilian Male NO
56 OFLAPP00953 OJEWOLE, Adekunlee ND1 Military Male NO
57 OFLAPP00962 OBEKPA, Enenu ND1 Civilian Female YES
58 OFLAPP00994 ADENUGA, Saheed ND1 Military Male YES
59 OFLAPPTB382 BALOGUN, Precious ND1 Civilian Male YES
60 OFLAPP001197 KANTOMA, Christiana ND1 Military Female NO
61 OFLAPP001450 UGAH, Ugah ND1 Civilian Male NO
62 OFLAPP001620 OBOTUKE, Fejiro ND1 Civilian Female YES
63 OFLAPP001726 NNADI, Udochi ND1 Military Male NO
64 OFLAPPTB1026 MUSA, Tadeyon ND1 Civilian Male NO
65 OFLAPPTB1248 ONOH, Ikenna ND1 Military Male YES
66 OFLAPPTB1467 IORUNGWA, Terande ND1 Civilian Male NO
67 OFLAPPTB1476 UMAR, Uthan ND1 Civilian Male YES
68 OFLAPPTB1707 SARAFINA, Solomon ND1 Military Female NO
69 OFLAPPTB1714 EZEKIEL, Esther ND1 Civilian Female YES
70 OFLAPPTB1740 EFFIONG, Okon ND1 Military Male NO
71 OFLAPP0197 FERGUSSON, Esefoh ND2 Military Male YES
72 9000396 MUHAMMAD, Abubakar PREHND Military Male NO
73 OFLAPP0459 MAMMAN, William PREHND Military Male NO
74 OFLAPP0599 VASHIR, Ngohile PREHND Civilian Female NO
75 OFLAPP1054 IBRAHIM, Godiya PREHND Military Female YES
76 OFLAPP001097 UMAR, Musa PREHND Military Male NO
77 OFLAPP001173 EDET, Gabriel PREHND Military Female NO
78 OFLAPPTB1547 KWAGHNGU, Shimasaan PREHND Civilian Male YES
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